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Sights of Portugal
Portugal is the westernmost state in continental Eurasia. Located in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula. On land, it borders only with Spain. Portugal is also governed by the…

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Americans made a culinary trip to Azerbaijan
For the first time, a cultural and culinary tour for American travelers was organized in Azerbaijan. The tour was prepared by Farida Buyuran, the author of the popular blog…

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Official name: Federal Republic of Germany. Area of ​​the country: 357 thousand square meters. km Borders: In the north, it borders with Denmark, in the east - with Poland and…

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Four types of climate prevail in France. A temperate maritime climate prevails in the west of the country, off the coast, where it is mild in winter (7 degrees Celsius in January) and cool in summer (16 degrees Celsius in July), and rainfall is often (800 mm / 32 inches) for 180 days a year. In the middle latitudes, the continental climate prevails in the interior of the country, with hot summers (average July temperature 18 degrees Celsius in Paris) and harsher winters (average January temperature 2 degrees Celsius in Paris), and precipitation falls on fewer days in a year .

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In Kenya, a subequatorial climate prevails. This allows tourists to come here all year round, with the exception of the pronounced rainy season (from late March to May). From June to August there is practically no rainfall. And from the end of October to mid-December there is a “period of short rains.” Formally, the country has two seasons: summer (from December to March) and winter (from July to August). The maximum daily temperature varies between + 27–32˚ C. At night, the air warms up from +10 to + 18˚ C depending on the region. Excursions – if you go to Kenya in the most suitable season – from January to March or from July to October . At this time, the climate is quite dry, hot, and most importantly – no precipitation. In the afternoon, the thermometer columns usually show from +26 to +29 degrees, in the evening they drop to +10 degrees. Beach holidays – from August to September. The azure sea and romantic sandy beaches attract tourists more precisely at this time. You should not sunbathe on the beaches from December to March – during this period the sun is exhaustingly hot. Continue reading


The climate of Mexico is influenced by coastal waters and extreme elevations. The average air temperature in the lowland resorts is + 26 ° С, water temperature + 22 ° С. As in most other tropical countries, Mexico has two main seasons: the rainy season (June to October) and the dry season (November to May).

Resorts of Mexico: In addition to ancient civilizations and a rich history, Mexico is also a country of amazing beaches that can be divided into 2 groups – the beaches of the Pacific coast and the Caribbean. On the Pacific coast it is Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Los Cabos; in the Caribbean – Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Climate in Mexico is different, in the northern regions it belongs to the subtropical, in the southern – to the tropical. In areas located on the Mexican plateau, it is cool: Continue reading

Travel to Sweden

They say that Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, that the Scandinavian ski resorts impress with their magnificent organization of even experienced athletes, and after visiting the Science Center and the Universum Museum, any desperate doppelgänger begins to love physics and chemistry. To make sure these statements are true is simpler than that: traveling to Sweden will not require much effort and time, because Moscow and Stockholm are only 1200 kilometers straight.

Important points
A Swedish visa is required for Russian travelers. She is an ordinary Schengen with a standard package of documents submitted to the consulate. The fee is 35 euros.
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Alone in Norway

What is the best way to get from Copenhagen to Oslo?

Personally, we had to get to Norway from the capital of Denmark, the city of Copenhagen. Hence the question: how best to do this? I personally vote for the steam. As a matter of fact, I have no other experience in overcoming this distance; accordingly, I can’t conduct any comparative analysis, but nevertheless, I argue for the steam.

Look, how many pleasures for the same money. Firstly, the ferry is a hotel with cabins, which have everything you need for a short stay. Cabins, as I understand it, there are different levels of comfort, depending on financial capabilities. For the sake of one night, we didn’t bother much, we chose the least expensive option, but even in this case everything was very worthy: a separate cabin, a comfortable bed, and a private bathroom, which a seasoned traveler still needs. Continue reading

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