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Everything you need to know about holidays in Thailand
Thailand has always been associated with exotic, warm climate and paradise beaches. And all this is true. And it’s a vibrant nightlife, impressive monuments of antiquity and amazing opportunities for…

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A state in Southeast Asia, in the south of the Indochina Peninsula, with the capital Phnom Penh. Area - 181 thousand km². The population is more than 15 million people;…

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Everything you need to know about holidays in Thailand
Thailand has always been associated with exotic, warm climate and paradise beaches. And all this is true. And it’s a vibrant nightlife, impressive monuments of antiquity and amazing opportunities for…

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We plan an independent trip to Greece

Greece is known all over the world not only due to its ancient mythology, but also for its beautiful beaches, magnificent nature, and, of course, rich history. It is when you visit this place that you will have the opportunity to swim in the clear sea, sunbathe on the sandy beaches, and then go on a tour of interesting sights, along the way looking into dozens of different shops.

It is worth noting that this can be done in every individual Greek resort. The cost of food and accommodation will definitely please everyone, because in Europe Greece is considered to be almost the most accessible country for tourism without loss of comfort and safety.

A real paradise vacation awaits you, so it is better to try to go on an independent trip to Greece, without contacting tour operators.

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How to relax in Spain and not go broke

It’s no secret that an independent trip to Europe can be much cheaper than a ready-made tour. One has only to approach the matter wisely and to know several life hacks that allow saving. This short guide will help you budget trip to Spain and relax in comfort.

To save on a flight to Spain, it is worth considering options with a transfer in one of the European capitals as an alternative to a direct flight. If you choose a flight with a longer time connection (and cheaper in cost), then you will have the opportunity to also explore one of the cities of Europe – Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris or Munich. Yes, such flights take more time. But it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to stroll for hours on the streets of Paris. Continue reading


Turkey is a charming country. Hundreds of cultures intertwined here, numerous civilizations left their mark on the land of Asia Minor, the territory of which is occupied by modern Turkey. Contrary to popular belief, Turkey is not only and not so much all-inclusive hotels. The rich history, monuments of antiquity and the Christian era since the Byzantine Empire, beautiful mosques and palaces of the Ottoman Empire, unique natural attractions, mild climate, wonderful beaches of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Sea of ​​Marmara and excellent cuisine attract independent travelers to Turkey.

Why go to Turkey
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The nuances of independent travel to India

Almost every tourist dreams of an independent trip to India, while not everyone succeeds in realizing his cherished dream. But you are really lucky, because you have the opportunity to visit this glorious multi-million dollar country without spending a lot of money. Just follow our tips and you will succeed.

So, an independent trip to India almost always comes out an order of magnitude cheaper in comparison with the prices charged by travel agencies. In addition, since you will carry out all the actions yourself without any help, you will receive a sea of ​​positive emotions and memories.

Ready-made tours do not offer almost anything new, and apart from visiting several major attractions and selfless rest, nothing else shines for you. Whereas, acting on the principle of “owning himself,” you will receive incredible freedom and plunge into a real adventure, which will become for you the story number 1 in the circle of your friends. Continue reading

Independent trip to Singapore

Singapore – a fairy-tale state, hospitable and safe, occupies an area that is smaller than the Russian capital. Traveling in this country on your own is a pleasure, because there are no problems with transport, the Internet, crime, and even garbage in Singapore. The global crisis has also bypassed Singapore. Climate and Geography The island of Singapore lies on the peninsula of Malaak, to the equator 136 km. The seasons are mildly expressed – it is always warm 26-31С, and short-term rains unpredictably pour. Water warmed up to 26 degrees. These are signs of an equatorial marine climate. Unexpected quick showers require appropriate equipment: take an umbrella with you. There are 4 official languages ​​on the island: English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay. English is everywhere – in everyday life, on the street, in the markets. Continue reading

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