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Independent travel in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country open for tourists to visit. With a favorable visa regime. It is well suited for independent travel. But, as in any country, there are some nuances. Their knowledge, at times, seriously makes life easier.

You can come to Vietnam for a beach holiday, doing various types of surfing or eco-tourism. The purpose of the visit is not important, everyone will face common issues. First of all, communication. Knowledge of English is usually limited to tourist routes. It is worth stepping back a little, as you come across a complete misunderstanding. True, in this case, you can try to use the international sign language.

Events of recent history, in particular American aggression and friendly relations with the Soviet Union, can present a pleasant surprise. Often you can meet Vietnamese who know the Russian language. True, over time they forgot it a little, but they will always be glad to have the opportunity to practice.

The industriousness of the Vietnamese has shaped the local mentality. They value the personal qualities of a person more than the financial situation. Perhaps that is why such significance is attached to handshakes. Moreover, regardless of gender. Even if you run into a language barrier, one solid, friendly handshake will help solve the problem. Your opponent will do his best to help you. As a last resort, it will look for someone who knows your language of communication.

As for the tourist areas, there you can expect many options for “divorce.” Bicycle souvenir sellers will offer their goods many times more expensive than in neighboring stores. The shoemakers chose a different tactic for themselves. Staying close to you, they will carefully look at your shoes, and then shake their heads in dismay. Then with a brightened eye they will climb into their box for glue. If they are not stopped immediately, then you will have to pay for unnecessary services. For the pleasure of taking a photo with local color, money may also be required from you. Moreover, sometimes, considerable.

There are no nutritional problems in Vietnam. You can, of course, eat familiar dishes in restaurants and tourist cafes, but to visit another country and not try the usual food of local residents is a vain trip. At every time of the day, their dishes are sold. Simple devices give mobility to street chefs. A small stove made of fired clay and several briquettes of coal allow them to be located in any convenient place. If we talk about what Vietnam is famous for, it is, of course, coffee. Such a fragrant, rich and rich drink is nowhere to be found. Of course, there are other countries famous for their coffee, but in Vietnam this is something special. It has its own secrets of frying and cooking. You can rate them at any of the many coffee houses.

For those with Vietnam as a transit country, one thing to be aware of. In exchange offices you can deposit any currency. There are no problems with ATMs either. But when crossing the Cambodian border, you will need dollars to apply for a visa. This can be a daunting task. In exchange offices and banks only BUY currency. You don’t even have to waste time looking for commercial banks, where, supposedly, you can buy dollars. You will not find. But there is a way. Relatively legal currency can be purchased at jewelry stores. Very often there is even an exchange rate posted.

Vietnam leaves no one indifferent. This is perhaps one of the most positive countries in the world. Original culture, special cuisine, traditions and customs, a difficult history and vital energy make Vietnam one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Traveling around Vietnam on your own is easy and safe. In order to plan your ideal trip, you first need to understand why and where to go, choose directions and make a route.

Sail traditional junk along Halong Bay. Stay overnight in a bungalow on one of the islands and explore the nearby wild beaches by kayak.
Admire the beauties of the highlands. Take a walk along the rice terraces and learn about the life and lifestyle of the local alpine tribes.
Plunge into the pleasant unhurried atmosphere of old Vietnam.
Learn to drive a motorbike! Or test your driving skills on the serpentine roads of Vietnam.
Get to know the Vietnamese hinterland by cycling, tasting local food and talking with the locals.
Evaluate how they cook lobster, crab and huge shrimp on the beaches of Vietnam. Try Pho soup, crepe pancakes, Vietnamese rolls and local specials. Learn the taste of real Vietnamese coffee. Cold including)
Spend a few days on the beach enjoying a lazy relaxed atmosphere and nothing-doing.

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