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Sri Lanka Route

Sri Lanka – the country is not very big, but rich in attractions. It has everything: nature reserves, and historical ruins of world significance, and tea plantations, and colonial cities, and beach vacations. Unlike the neighboring numerous Maldives, here on one large island everything fits.

When we planned our interesting route in Sri Lanka, we realized that you won’t see everything at one time, so you need to make a choice, and to make a choice you need to know what Sri Lanka offers for independent travel. As a result, we settled on two districts of Ceylon – Rajarat and Mountainous country, which we will tell in detail about. Why exactly and for what reasons did not include everything else in the route.

The route in Sri Lanka is an indispensable part of an independent trip to the island of Ceylon, in which tourists learn a lot of new and interesting things about the country, get acquainted with the sights and culture of the local population, watch the ancient cities and relax on the beaches. It is not needed only in the only case: if you are in principle a supporter of spontaneous trips in the style of “I go where my eyes look.” But we’ll talk about what you can see in Sri Lanka if you have 2-3 weeks to vacation or travel, and how to organize it yourself.

The first thing you should start planning an independent trip to Sri Lanka with is to understand what tasks you are facing: rest or cognition. Sri Lanka is not the easiest country in terms of domestic comfort.

Each traveler in Sri Lanka has to make a choice: stop at inexpensive guesthouses and travel a lot by public transport, or choose one, two or three locations and find good, but not cheap hotels and live comfortably, choosing to go on various excursions.

Be that as it may, the peculiarity of Sri Lanka is that in spite of the poverty of the population in the country, both budget and luxury holidays are possible here.

How to make a route in Sri Lanka
So, what does fabulous Sri Lanka offer us? Let’s consider all the possibilities in order.

1. Colombo and the metropolitan area

All travelers begin their acquaintance with the country from the main city of Sri Lanka – Colombo. You can also see the capital of Ceylon – Sri Jayawardenapura (Kotte). Tourists who visited Sri Lanka note in their reviews a fascinating shopping in the city of Colombo. It is worth noting that there are several beach resorts around Colombo, the most famous of which are Negombo and Bentota.

Good hotels near Colombo airport

2. Tamil North

A trip to the north should be treated with caution. There are no great sights there (except perhaps the grave of Adam and Eve), but the flavor of Tamil life itself may be interesting to curious travelers. It will be useful to compare how Tamils ​​and Sinhala live from a cultural point of view. Additionally, you can visit Jaffna or Mannar Island.

3. Rajarat, or the land of kings, or the Cultural Triangle

Myself to Sri Lanka – Dagoba in Anuradhapura
One of the grand stupas (dagob) in the first capital of Sri Lanka – Anuradhapura

The land of kings is a place in the arid central north part of Ceylon, where the capitals of the ancient Sinhala state – Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Aukan, the cradle of Buddhism in Mihintal, the citadel of the rebellious king of Kassapa on the Lion’s rock of Sigiriya, several cave temple and small Dambul ruins scattered throughout this territory. Its other name is the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. To visit these places will be interesting to absolutely everyone. In addition, exploring the ruins of old cities and Buddhist attractions is fascinating in terms of exploring the ancient culture of Ceylon.

. Mountain country

The mountainous country is a storehouse of natural attractions and the abode of Ceylon tea plantations. There is definitely something to see for independent travelers:

Kandy is the capital of the mountainous part of Sri Lanka, a large colonial city with its own special atmosphere;
Royal Botanic Garden of Peradeniya – a collection of all kinds of plants and trees on the same square – orchids, palm trees, “drunken Christmas trees”;
The tea capital of the country and the heart of the highlands – Nuwara Eliya – is a colonial city surrounded by hills of tea plantations. Here you can spend more than one day walking around and enjoying tea. Just do not forget to take warm clothes with you – tea grows in cool conditions.
The train in Sri Lanka is one of the main attractions of the country, which should not be missed. The railway in the mountainous country runs along the most beautiful route. All tourists just do that hang from the steps of the train and photograph the surroundings.
Waterfalls, mountains, sacred temples (like Adam’s peak, Sri Pada), trekking (Adam’s Small peak, Ella Rock, waterfalls (the deepest – Dunhinda), tiny picturesque towns like Ella, or former colonial cities like Badullah – all it is abundant in the emerald hills of Sri Lanka.
5. South coast – beaches and reserves

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