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We plan an independent trip to Greece

Greece is known all over the world not only due to its ancient mythology, but also for its beautiful beaches, magnificent nature, and, of course, rich history. It is when you visit this place that you will have the opportunity to swim in the clear sea, sunbathe on the sandy beaches, and then go on a tour of interesting sights, along the way looking into dozens of different shops.

It is worth noting that this can be done in every individual Greek resort. The cost of food and accommodation will definitely please everyone, because in Europe Greece is considered to be almost the most accessible country for tourism without loss of comfort and safety.

A real paradise vacation awaits you, so it is better to try to go on an independent trip to Greece, without contacting tour operators.


The season in Greece starts in mid-May, while it ends only in late October, while the peak of the influx of travelers falls directly into the summer, because it is during these months that most of the local hotels are packed to capacity, all the beaches are full, while the total cost of living rises significantly.

However, if you carefully consider the choice of a place for your future vacation, you can find a picturesque town or an urban village where vacationers will not get you, and you will only enjoy the low prices and white clean beaches even when traveling in the most popular months.

So, for starters, one little advice for all travelers who plan to travel to Greece on their own. If you want to relax at the lowest prices, without bumping into the crowds of wandering tourists, then I recommend that you go here in the period from September to mid-November.

In this case, you will get a significant reduction in prices, almost empty hotels and eternal discounts on any goods. In addition, you can also go here, starting from May directly to mid-June, when you can relax comfortably, swimming and sunbathing. Of course, the water at this time of the year will be a little cool, but nothing puts you to do sightseeing or shopping.

The main advantages and nuances of traveling independently to Greece:

When choosing an independent travel, only you decide how, when and where you should go to rest;
When choosing an independent travel, you will have the opportunity to create a unique and memorable program that will differ significantly from standard tourist excursions, and is focused directly on you
Taking into account certain rules of budget holidays, you can significantly save by going on your own trip.
If you choose your own route, you can travel all over Greece rented by car and visit those places that only you want to see, regardless of other groups of tourists.
Remember that independent travelers themselves are guaranteed to receive only positive emotions from their adventures, because they have an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with the mentality of the Greek people, providing many adventures that will definitely be remembered for your whole life.

So, it is recommended to buy tickets to Greece in advance, because you can save a decent amount of money, since a few months before the date of departure of the flight, its prices will be minimal. True, you can also wait for “burning” tickets, but they are not always available, so in this case there is a very great chance to miss your vacation altogether, because during the season air tickets to Greece are sold out in a matter of minutes.

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On my own behalf, I would like to recommend a service such as Aviasales to search for tickets to Greece, which will allow you to easily and quickly select the travel documents you need by date, price and route.

I want to say that the prices here are actually lower than other similar operators. For all the time of my personal travels (and I always use this service) I managed to save so much money that I would definitely have enough for a full travel around the world.

Again, using proper rules and this service. Now we’ll talk directly about flights to Greece. So, the most popular route is metropolitan traffic – from Moscow to Athens it will be possible to fly in just three hours and spend at the same time an amount of 200 euros. Of course, you can use the possibility of transfers, in which case the ticket price will decrease, but the flight time can increase up to a duration of 10 hours.

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