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Alone in Norway

What is the best way to get from Copenhagen to Oslo?

Personally, we had to get to Norway from the capital of Denmark, the city of Copenhagen. Hence the question: how best to do this? I personally vote for the steam. As a matter of fact, I have no other experience in overcoming this distance; accordingly, I can’t conduct any comparative analysis, but nevertheless, I argue for the steam.

Look, how many pleasures for the same money. Firstly, the ferry is a hotel with cabins, which have everything you need for a short stay. Cabins, as I understand it, there are different levels of comfort, depending on financial capabilities. For the sake of one night, we didn’t bother much, we chose the least expensive option, but even in this case everything was very worthy: a separate cabin, a comfortable bed, and a private bathroom, which a seasoned traveler still needs.

Secondly, ferry is a restaurant, and not one. When buying a ticket, you can choose options such as dinner and breakfast. For example, this time we chose only breakfast. Food in the main restaurant is organized according to the “buffet” principle, which, as you know, stimulates the immense and excessive consumption of food and drinks. I did not want to overeat at night, because they say that it is harmful. In any case, they did not remain hungry, in addition to the main restaurant, there are many other establishments working on the principle of “pay and take”, you can’t call the prices affordable, therefore they paid and took as much as needed, and maybe even a little less. But the plentiful breakfast in the morning was perfect, by the way, in this case, for a while you can turn into even Garantua, well, or Pantagruel, as you like.

Thirdly, the ferry is a center of entertainment and shopping, you can gulban at least all night. There are also casinos, and slot machines, and shops, and karaoke, and a sauna, and other similar pleasures, but here I am not an expert. The only thing I allowed myself was to sit at the porthole and watch the islands sailing overboard.

Well and fourthly, the ferry is a means of transportation, as a result, we got from point K to point O, which could not but rejoice.

These are my arguments for. The Copenhagen – Oslo route is served by the Danish ferry company DFDS. The ferry leaves the capital of Denmark at 17–00, and arrives at 9–30 in the Norwegian capital. It is advisable to buy tickets in advance, directly through the company’s website.

How to build an independent travel route in Norway?

There are a lot of options, as you know, I’ll tell you about ours, without pretending to win the nomination “The best route in Norway”. All decisions were made spontaneously and impulsively, based on time and financial capabilities.

It is generally believed that in Norway it is best for an independent tourist to travel by car. Most likely it is. After all, when visiting this country, you must definitely see the fjords, in no case limited to just viewing major cities. And we initially considered just such an option, planning to rent vehicles on the spot. But it turned out quite expensively, a considerable amount of collateral was required, it was necessary to solve many organizational problems, but we did not want to strain and as a result we decided to refuse this travel format.

We will consider our independent trip to Norway as an experiment proving that you can completely do without a car, and traveling to some places in Norway will be much more interesting.

So, only public transport and own legs were determined with the method of transportation.

The second assumption, it is also very important: there are no ready-made solutions from guides or travel companies, everything is only on their own, by trial and error (I’ll go ahead and say that there were no special errors).

Here you need to know that there is a very popular tour in Norway called “Norway in a nutshell” (“Norge i et nøtteskall”), which in Russian means “Norway in miniature”. This tour, in whole or in part, can be bought in advance on the Fjord Tours website or already on the spot in Norway, in Bergen or Oslo.

This is, in fact, a set of tickets for various types of public transport (train, ferry, bus) on the route Bergen – Voss, Voss – Gudvangen, Gudvangen – Flom, Flom – Mirdal, Mirdal – Oslo selected in a logical sequence and synchronized in time of arrival and departure.

For example, getting from Bergen to Voss by train, it is proposed to take a bus to Goodwagen, which will leave after a while quite enough for a transfer, and then, after reaching Goodwagen, it is proposed to transfer by ferry to Flåm and so on.

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