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New Zealand, a country literally at the end of the world, consisting of a pair of large islands (North and South) and a host of small ones. It was discovered by the Dutch traveler Abel Tasman in 1642 and got its name in honor of one of the provinces of the Netherlands, Zealand. Later, another famous navigator, the Englishman James Cook, changed the Dutch name of the archipelago: Nieuw Zeeland to English New Zealand, which became the official name of the country. Total area of ​​the country: 268,800 km2

Impression & Feelings: Overweight Cannot Get Permanent Residency in New Zealand
Capital wellington
Population 4757660
Language English, Maori, New Zealand Sign Language
Religion Christianity
Time zone +12
Coordinates -42 S, 174 E

The climate in New Zealand is largely determined by the proximity of Antarctica (which is why glaciers in the south of the country do not melt even in summer) and the Pacific Ocean, which gently washes the shores of the two main islands of the state. Considering that New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere, the summer and winter months swapped places here. New Year is celebrated in the midst of New Zealand summer, under the scorching rays of the hot sun, and in July they go to the mountains, where they enjoy skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. The climate is peculiar: from subtropical in the north and continental in the south. The average temperature fluctuates around 16-20 degrees, and in winter is not much cooler than in summer (with the exception of high mountains, where eternal ice dominates). Autumn comes in March and harvesting begins. Firstly, it is such an exotic fruit as kiwi, which grows like European grapes. New Zealand winter means endless rains, heavy winds, and heavy snow in the mountains. Although, on the coast, where the main beaches and most cities are located, the climate in June-August is quite mild. Autumn (New Zealand Spring) The mating season for animals in New Zealand begins in spring.

Winter (New Zealand Summer). In December, a suffocating and hot New Zealand summer begins. During this period, it is best to go on mountain trips around the country. You can, for example, follow the path of the famous Tasman or take a hike along Queen Charlotte’s road.

New Zealand Visa

This is a very expensive country. An average dinner in a restaurant will cost $ 60 for two, a decent hotel from $ 80 to $ 130 for a night for two (depending on the city). The most significant attraction of New Zealand is the unique nature, which has spawned many national and marine parks, lakes, caves, waterfalls, huge beaches, glaciers, snow-capped mountains and much more.

New Zealand’s favorite tourist destination is Lake Taupo. It was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption about 27,000 years ago. This eruption is still considered the most powerful in the last 100,000 years. The lake, which is located in the Nelson Lakes National Park, is filled with the most transparent water in the world.

A small reserve a few hours drive from Dunedin is the place where a colony of hundreds of yellow-eyed penguins lives. This species of penguin is very rare. Today, about 4,000 individuals remain in the world. Guides in the reserve will talk about what they are doing to preserve the birds, after which they will lead to penguin nests carefully camouflaged among the sand dunes. Be sure to take a camera with you – these funny creatures are allowed to take pictures here from a very close distance.

A huge national park, which is conveniently accessible from Auckland. Rainforests, beaches, spectacular cliffs, streams and waterfalls fit on 16,000 hectares of the reserve. Here you can fish, go boating in Manukau Bay, ride a horse (Pae o Te Rangi ranch at 114 Te Henga Road), swim (safe beaches, where there are no powerful waves, are located near Cornwallis and Hai) and endlessly walk along forest paths ( full list of routes).

The Bay of Plenty – the name of this region in the northeast of the island is translated – is known for its large beaches, mild climate and citrus groves. In addition, it is the land of lakes, geysers and gurgling mud pools in the thermal centers.

The coast of Raglan is one of the best surfing spots in the world. The peculiarity of the local bays – Manu Bay and Whale Bay – lies in the fact that beautiful left-sided waves roll the favorite surfers to the coast. Since the beach life of this country is well developed, as is the rescue service, annual rescue surfer competitions gather participants from all over the country. This is a big day for both their participants and the audience. Many different skills are tested: swimming, running, cross-country, rowing, and most importantly, the general physical and psychological readiness for this work. The surf boat race is the highlight of the day. This is a very difficult, but very prestigious competition.

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