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Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia is simply an amazingly diverse country. In a rather small area there was a place for the warm sea, magnificent mountains, ancient churches and temples, ancient cities, caves, waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

But the main thing in Georgia is not even its sights, of which there are many. Most tourists sincerely love this country for real Georgian hospitality and delicious cuisine. Unlike many other seaside resorts, the impressions of a holiday in Georgia turned out to be much brighter than you might expect. That is why we so want to tell you about this amazing country and advise you to visit it more than once.

Georgia is an inexpensive and very democratic country. It is suitable for over economical vacations with almost no money, and for extremely comfortable pastime. Here you can live in a guesthouse or a five-star hotel, hitchhike or hire a guide in your personal car, eat in restaurants or buy khachapuri.

At the same time, coming to Georgia is most advantageous for a long time. Prices in the country are very low, and therefore the bulk of the cost of vacation is air travel. The longer you relax, the cheaper it will cost one vacation day.

We do not really recommend buying tours to Georgia. A self-planned vacation will be not only much cheaper, but also many times more interesting – you can live in different cities: from ancient Tbilisi to the resort of Batumi.

How much does a vacation in Georgia cost?
If you live in comfortable conditions, then taking into account air tickets (a flight from Moscow costs from 5,000 rubles) and housing 21 days in Georgia will cost from 2,000 to 2,500 dollars for two. At the same time, you can rent apartments, travel a lot on excursions and eat in middle-class restaurants.

Housing in Batumi
A spacious room in a very good area of ​​Batumi cost us $ 20 per day. If you wish, you can find housing both more expensive and cheaper.
Here is an example:

Apartments in Batumi cost $ 30-35 per day
Great lunch in Batumi or Tbilisi will cost $ 10-20
For full-fledged individual excursions by car, we paid from 139 to 180 euros, for group tours – from 16 euros per person.
Tourists who prefer to save as much as possible will spend no more than $ 500 on a similar vacation for two – hitchhiking and couchsurfing work great in Georgia. There are completely inexpensive hostels and places for camping, and the food is not only very nutritious and appetizing, but also inexpensive.

Useful: how to organize your own vacation in Georgia?

What is the currency in Georgia: all about money and banks
Currency of Georgia – GEL

. Coins are called tetri. You can change money both in banks and in exchangers, which can be found literally at every step. The course in tourist destinations is about 10% worse than usual. Cheating with hidden commissions is sometimes found, but very rarely.

Credit cards work well too. In banks, at the post office, in shopping centers and in many tourist places there is always an ATM with the ability to withdraw money from a dollar or ruble card. Credit cards are accepted at hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, many gift shops and boutiques.

For small purchases, it is better to carry cash. If you are going to small towns like Akhaltsikhe, be sure to change money in Tbilisi or Batumi – the rate there is much more profitable.

What to buy in Georgia: souvenirs and gifts
The selection of souvenirs in Georgia is quite rich. Even if you are quite limited in budget, it is not at all necessary to buy standard mugs and magnets – you can find something more interesting.

Of Georgian sweets, churchkhela, a variety of nuts and fig, feijoa or walnut jam are especially popular. The choice is very wide. It is also worth trying local cheeses – they are very high quality.

Spices from Georgia
Mistresses will definitely appreciate Georgian spices – their variety in local markets is simply amazing.
Many bring wine or chacha. According to customs regulations, no more than 3 liters of alcohol per person can be transported, but control is far from always strict.

If you are buying a Georgian dagger, do not forget to take a document from the seller confirming that it is a souvenir. Otherwise, problems may arise at the border. They sell antiques, jewelry (including those from the famous cloisonne enamel, minankari – a unique and original gift) and branded clothing.

If you are planning expensive purchases, then it is worth considering the presence in Georgia of 15% Tax free with an amount of 200 GEL

Also in Georgia you can buy good Turkish coffee or local tea (a little worse). We advise you to look at the national clay pottery ketsa. The dishes prepared in it (on almost any surface) have a rather unusual rich taste, and the dish itself remains hot for a long time.

This is interesting: a detailed article about Georgian souvenirs and where it is better to buy them.

Food in Georgia: from restaurants to groceries in the supermarket
There are many restaurants in the country for every taste. Budget tourists will appreciate the excellent selection of khachapuri, which are not only very tasty, but also perfectly satisfy the hunger.

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