The climate of Mexico is influenced by coastal waters and extreme elevations. The average air temperature in the lowland resorts is + 26 ° С, water temperature + 22 °…

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Alone in Norway
What is the best way to get from Copenhagen to Oslo? Personally, we had to get to Norway from the capital of Denmark, the city of Copenhagen. Hence the question:…

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Local residents and authorities resist the tradition of building stone towers on the beaches of Tenerife
Between cold snowy winters and sunny summers - only seven hours. That is how much the direct flight from Moscow to Tenerife continues - the most famous Canary island in…

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I bet that many of us, going on a long journey, the whole period of preparation can not drive away from the head the thought that something is forgotten. Indeed, there are many useful gizmos that really come in handy on a trip. Further in our review, look about those that will help in specific situations, while weighing a little and taking up very little space.

1. Camping set

It doesn’t matter where you go, to the hotel or on a camping trip, you should definitely bring along a few needles. With their help, you can not only sew up the torn thing, but also remove the splinter from your finger, unravel the knot or clean the connectors of the gadgets from dirt. Together with the needles, you need to grab the threads. You don’t need to bring a set of coils of all colors with you, just wrap around a meter or a little more of those that match the colors of your clothes. Several pins of different sizes, in which case, will help to fix a broken zipper or clothes. You also need to bring a key ring with you. It can replace a broken dog, a zipper on jeans or hold some things together.
2. Scotch tape
Adhesive tape is a very useful invention, both in everyday life and in travel. It can be used to clean clothes from wool, to seal a paper bill, to fix some thing. If your trip will not last long, do not take a whole reel of tape with you, just wind it a little on the ballpoint pen.
3. Salt

Salt is needed not only to give flavor to dishes. On a trip, you can use it to remove a greasy stain from clothes. Salt can also be added to drinking water to avoid dehydration in extreme heat.
4. Hair bands

Even if you do not have these very hairs, even if you are a man, still put some of the simplest elastic bands in your suitcase. They can be used for packing things in a suitcase, for minor repairs of various things. For example, with a hair elastic, you can fix a broken selfie stick mount, replace a missing latch in the toilet, or fasten anything you want.
5. Waterproof package

Before you go buy yourself a waterproof bag, or rather a couple. Firstly, in this one can store documents without worrying that something will be shed on them. Well, and secondly, placing the phone in such a package, you can take stunning pictures under water. You can worry and doubt, but these packages really work, and the price for them is very reasonable.
6. Cache for money

Any travel is a risk, and traveling abroad, especially to countries with a high crime rate, is a double risk. Believe me, in Mexico, Chile, Venezuela or Honduras they can clean one or two. To avoid such trouble, you need to get a really reliable cache. For example, sew a belt with pockets for money from a wide elastic band from underpants and wear under clothes. In such a cache, your money will be safe.
7. Choose a soap

Instead of liquid soap, take along a bar of dry natural. According to, now there is such a soap on sale that can be used to wash and wash your hair. It can be transported without problems in hand luggage, without fear of exceeding the permissible weight, because it simply does not exist. Dry soap does not spill in a suitcase, which, by the way, often happens. Moreover, this soap is much better suited for washing. It is also worth taking a dry shampoo and dental foam with you, in case there are problems with the shower along the way.
8. Chuck adapter

Superlife hack from experienced travelers who have happened to be in the countries of the “third world”. Believe me, your room may not have a suitable outlet, but there will be a light bulb anyway. So you can turn this very light bulb into a socket in two counts. To do this, you will need a special adapter cartridge, which you can buy at the hardware store before departure. Thanks to this trick, you will have both light and a place to charge the gadget.
9. Ultraviolet flashlight

Perhaps this will be a revelation for you, but an ultraviolet flashlight is a must have for you when traveling. With it, you can easily verify the authenticity of banknotes and the cleanliness of the hotel room. And finally, be sure to bring

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