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Official name: Federal Republic of Germany. Area of ​​the country: 357 thousand square meters. km Borders: In the north, it borders with Denmark, in the east - with Poland and…

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Canada occupies almost the entire northern half of mainland North America and the numerous islands adjoining to it, including the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the north, Newfoundland in the east,…

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Georgia Travel Guide
Georgia is simply an amazingly diverse country. In a rather small area there was a place for the warm sea, magnificent mountains, ancient churches and temples, ancient cities, caves, waterfalls,…

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Everything you need to know about holidays in Thailand

Thailand has always been associated with exotic, warm climate and paradise beaches. And all this is true. And it’s a vibrant nightlife, impressive monuments of antiquity and amazing opportunities for diving. In this article we will tell you what you need to know about holidays in this amazing country: about tours, accommodation, climate, money and much more.


Two climatic zones are clearly distinguished in the country: tropical savannahs and monsoons. And expressed season three: Continue reading

Sri Lanka Route

Sri Lanka – the country is not very big, but rich in attractions. It has everything: nature reserves, and historical ruins of world significance, and tea plantations, and colonial cities, and beach vacations. Unlike the neighboring numerous Maldives, here on one large island everything fits.

When we planned our interesting route in Sri Lanka, we realized that you won’t see everything at one time, so you need to make a choice, and to make a choice you need to know what Sri Lanka offers for independent travel. As a result, we settled on two districts of Ceylon – Rajarat and Mountainous country, which we will tell in detail about. Why exactly and for what reasons did not include everything else in the route. Continue reading

We are going to Iceland

Because at least once in my life I had to look at the place where Bjork was born and raised. In addition, Iceland poured relentlessly from friends and acquaintances’ tapes with woolen horses, blue ice and Martian landscapes – and I decided to channel envy towards them in a productive way.

How to go?

It is better to attend to plane tickets in advance, because Iceland is not at all the country to which they break away a week before the trip. I bought my FinnAir tickets for six months, they cost me $ 400 (tickets from Vilnius with a transfer will cost about the same amount, however, you can buy them a few weeks before the trip – 34travel). We had to fly with a change: the road from Moscow to Helsinki took a little more than an hour and a half, and from Helsinki to Keflavik (the main airport of Reykjavik) it took another 1.5 hours. Continue reading

Goodbye legend: tourists are expelled from the Spanish Steps in Rome

A fine of 6,000 euros was ripped off on Capri from the model Heidi Klum, who married last weekend …

Goodbye legend: tourists are expelled from the Spanish Steps in Rome
The Italian authorities did not deny themselves the pleasure of arranging a demonstration flogging for eminent newlyweds. They really were guilty, because during a visit to the famous Blue Grotto they climbed to swim, which is strictly forbidden there. But this incident has one more aspect – in 2019, dozens of offensive restrictions for tourists came into force in Italy, but the authorities so far have very carefully applied punitive measures. The fine for a world-famous model served as a warning to everyone else: do not test the patience of the police! Continue reading

Local residents and authorities resist the tradition of building stone towers on the beaches of Tenerife

Between cold snowy winters and sunny summers – only seven hours. That is how much the direct flight from Moscow to Tenerife continues – the most famous Canary island in Russia. The weather at this resort practically does not change throughout the year, the average temperature – plus 23 degrees Celsius. correspondent visited the island of eternal summer and recommends that travelers follow his example.

Most international flights arrive on the island at Tenerife South Airport, located in the municipalities of Granadilla de Abona and San Miguel. This applies to both scheduled and charter carriers. Los Rodeos in the north serves mainly flights between the Canary Islands and Spain. Continue reading

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Ireland, Republic of Ireland - a state in Western Europe that occupies most of the island of Ireland. From the south, west and north, the country is washed by the…


Travel to Italy
Italy is a large state in the south of Europe. Here is a huge number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites - historical monuments and works of art are located throughout…


CLIMATE AND WEATHER Four types of climate prevail in France. A temperate maritime climate prevails in the west of the country, off the coast, where it is mild in winter…


We plan an independent trip to Greece
Greece is known all over the world not only due to its ancient mythology, but also for its beautiful beaches, magnificent nature, and, of course, rich history. It is when…